An updated remake of Vittorio De Sica's post-war Italian masterpiece, about an elderly man struggling to survive in contemporary NYC with little money while facing eviction from a spoiled, vindictive landlady. His loss of purpose and marginalization by society is barely made tolerable by his only family, a small dog named Flike, which he cares for like a child.

Written & Directed by Roy Carlo and slated to star Dominic Chianese (Godfather II, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire) and Cathy Moriarity (Raging Bull, Analyze That), production will begin in Brooklyn in 2018.

Produced in cooperation with Intramovies (Italia).


A moving and profound character study about an isolated, middle-aged man whose life has passed him by. All of his plans for a family and success have been deferred, while he works as a para-transit driver,transporting a comical cast of disabled passengers around NYC.


Bella Figura

A clever farce in the vein of Pietro Germi, about a 45 year-old mamma's boy from Naples Italy, who finally seduces the wrong woman and must flee to his cousin in New York to survive. His handsome face and Italian charm serve him well, as he ingratiates himself into the Uppity East Side social scene.



The Man and His Machines

An historical docu-drama on the life and career of Ferruccio Lamborghini, who created one of the most iconic brands in the world. Being produced on location in Italy in 2018 for worldwide television.


A high-fashion shoplifter in NYC gets into an unlikely relationship with a frumpy therapist who forces him to overcome his addiction to stealing.

Starring Adam Lavorgna, Lydia Hearst, Margaret Colin, Carol Alt and John Rothman.

Written & Directed by Roberto Mitrotti


Epic drama about the internment of Italian immigrants in the U.S. as suspected enemy aliens during WW II, while many had sons in the army fighting overseas, unaware of such events back home. Slated for an all-star cast filming in NY & Italy.

To learn more about La Storia Segreta (The Secret Story), there are numerous articles to be found on-line. Google 'Italian internment'.


More psychological than graphic, the bizarre examination of a heartbroken forensic surgeon who imagines he shares normal and loving relationships with the dead.


Ciao Roma!
What can only be described as a fantasy / character study, it explores the lives of two women. An aspiring actress from Brooklyn who dreams of acting in old Italian movies, and a legendary actress from Rome who seems to have everything her protege wants. A very imaginative tribute to the post-war giants who put Italian cinema on the map and an homage to Anna Magnani who many consider (including Bette Davis) is the greatest actress who ever lived. With an unexpected ending, Ciao Roma! attempts to answer whose dream is the better one?


A crustacean comedy about Louie, a love-struck lobster from Long Island, who must risk life and claw to save his beautiful Annabella from the uncaring diners at 'Rocky's Hoof & Fin Seafood Restaurant' before it's too late. Because love can be shellfish.


The Banker

The incredible story and career of A.P. Giannini, who revolutionized banking and created the largest one in history - The Bank of America.








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